Statistics – software & tables

Statistical software:

  • R and R-Studio – are separate packages – you will need to install R first. R Studio is an add-on that make R easier to use for beginners.

  • R-Commander – first steps with R using GUI…

  • Statistica (PL and ENG) – for data analysis using GUI.

  • QGis and Geoda – for spatial data modeling and geovisualizations. 

  • DAD 4.6 oraz DASP – Distributional Analysis Stata Package and stand-alone DAD version. 

  • Links to other packages are available in the „links” section.

Statistical tables – necessary to perform the estimation procedure, parametric and non-parametric tests without the use of computer packages (although in some cases of non-parametric tests are still needed) – here.

Tables should be printed on both sides, clipped on the edge of the pages.


The results are presented in full form (additional points granted during the semester divided into specific sections – assignments, mid-term, final, attitude, homeworks, projects etc.) – here.

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