You can find here information about my scientific and didactic work (course resources, software used in the lab, topics of my diploma thesis) and about students’ scientific club “Data Science”. Information on my current office hours and exam dates can be found here.

bookdownplus - A collection and selector of R 'bookdown' templates. 'bookdownplus' helps you write academic journal articles, guitar books, chemical equations, mails, calendars, and diaries. R 'bookdownplus' extends the features of 'bookdown', a... #rstats https://github.com/pzhaonet/bookdownplus

Today's #rstats cheatsheet: base-r
Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rstudio/cheatsheets/master/base-r.pdf
See more: https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/
Contribute your own: https://github.com/rstudio/cheatsheets

Get quickly started with your generating your own documents with R: Introduction to R Markdown by Michael Clark: https://m-clark.github.io/Introduction-to-Rmarkdown/ #rstats

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