You can find here information about my scientific and didactic work (course resources, software used in the lab, topics of my diploma thesis) and about students’ scientific club „Data Science”. 

Information on my current office hours and exam dates can be found here.


Currently (since 2007) I’m employed at Gdansk University of Technology – Department of Statistics and Econometrics (Assistant Professor).

I’m responsible for lecturing descriptive and mathematical statistics (Statistics I-II) and Data Analysis. My research interests focus on the studies of credit constraints.

Since 2016 I’m involved in many e-learning oriented processes: dean’s proxy for e-e-learning dev. (2016-2024); univ. coordinator for e-learning (2020-2024); moodle administrator (2016-2024).

„Statistics is the grammar of science.”
— Karl Pearson

Gdansk University of Technology – Department of Statistics & Econometrics – Lecturer of various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in statistics (i. e. Mathematical Statistics, Descriptive Statistics, Data Analysis).

I-Shou University – International College / Department of International Finance – Lecturing: descriptive and mathematical statistics (Statistics I-II), Econometrics, Economics I, Information Systems in Management, Information Systems in Finance I-II.


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As dean’s proxy for e-learning development I’m providing support for the faculty members, organizing trainings, monitoring online courses and evaluating their quality.

As the university coordinator for e-learning I’m involved in the process of certification of lecturers (according to the current ministry-level regulations its obligatory for each faculty member) issuing a certificate confirming skills in the field of e-course design. Since 2015 I work as university administrator of the moodle ( platform – taking care of technical processes such as registration, the logical division of courses within the category of faculty/center and backup.

I am also the founder and a member of newly opened Center for Modern Education at Gdansk University of Technology (2020). In June, 2020 I received “Masters of Didactics” grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for years 2020-2022.

„I know that I’m just a dog but… 

If you feel sad, I’ll be your smile.

If you cry, I’ll be your comfort.

And if someone breaks your heart,

we can use mine to live.